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SiteMapt allows for a location-first approach to connecting multiple disparate data sources and business systems into one cohesive situational awareness interface for viewing critical assets. Have all your crucial data, intuitively organized, at your fingertips—for day-to-day operations and in the event of an emergency. 

SiteMapt in Safety Applications

SiteMapt addresses the need for accurate emergency response plans. Utilizing the program’s graphical interface and imbedded protocols and procedures, a facilities incident commander and emergency management team can react quickly to any emergency situation. Likewise, using the same program, first responders and other key personnel will be able to navigate the building effectively and efficiently thereby reducing potential physical injuries and fatalities, infrastructure damage, and environmental impact. 

SiteMapt in Building Maintenance Applications

SiteMapt’s location-based design allows for a unique approach to building maintenance and asset tracking: 

  • Catalog and save your facility information right onto the floor plan
  • Real-time equipment and personnel tracking within your facility*
  • Real-time Location Specific Alertsincident location is identified, and automated alerts can be sent to key personnel*
  • Respond to your facility’s needs more quickly and more efficiently

The SiteMapt Difference

Flexible solutions

SiteMapt can be adapted for small buildings, large complexes, and anything in between. 


Connect and view your camera systems, door access controls, alarm systems, and more.

High reliability

SiteMapt’s core functions keeps working, even when internet connectivity is lost. 

Intuitive interface

Point, click, drag, swipe. Easyfamiliar controls and a short learning curve make SiteMapt accessible to all.

A Common Operating Picture

Facility staff, security personnel, maintenancelocal first responders, state agencies, and others can all have the same important information in the same format at their fingertips. Bring your systems together into one map-based viewer. See your cameras, monitor your door alarms, get notified if a panic button has been pushed, update your building documents, and track your assets. Have sensitive information? This sharing can easily be limited or stopped entirely at the admin level when it is not needed. 

How SiteMapt Works

SiteMapt is service and product rolled into one: a full building walkthrough with photographic documentation; creation and collection of Emergency Action Plans, material safety data sheets, and floor plans; integrations with other connected building systems; and any other situational awareness data needed all pulled together into one easy to use dynamic visual display. We’ll also guide you through safety-enhancing changes to your space like signage, location of assets, and more.