Scanning/Remote Capture & Digital Transformation

We process, understand and automate digital twin information, using the latest in remote capture technology (LIDAR, Photogrammetry), building information, modeling and location intelligence.

Remote capture & scanning of current conditions

Scanning the real world does not need to be expensive.

Remote capture Cost & accuracy, is based on your unique needs. Depending on your digital twins requirements our expert modelers can use Blueprints and pictures, photogrammetry and all aspects of laser scanning that create a professional 3D industry and building information models.

Our expert team offers multiple levels of remote capture to fit any operation. Our expert digital transformation team can take scans building models and convert them for multiple use cases including geo-enabled applications end for use as NFT’s on the blockchain.

Digital Twin Capabilities Designed for Everyone

Easily scan the real world to include in your digital twin for complete understanding of your operation

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    Blueprints and photographs

    Our team of expert modelers can create three-dimensional building information modeling from as little information as Blueprints and photographs of your location. Well you wouldn't use this for construction it provides a quality good enough for most entry-level operations.

  • visualize

    Laser Scanning (LIDAR)

    Our expert team of scanning professionals use the most advanced lidar technology to quickly and accurately scan the real world. depending on need we can provide rapid medium level scanning add a modest cost in addition to our team of experts can provide construction as built level scanning services that can be relied on to be accurate.

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    Digital Transformation

    Our team of digital transformation experts will process your laser scan point clouds, blueprints and/or photographs. Transforming them into geo-enabled digital twins, Building information models & NFT’s for use by stakeholders, internal operations & in the future blockchain based smart contracts.



Creating intelligent digital twins

  • Easy to use web/mobile application
  • Make all information centrally available to stakeholders
  • Visualize all your building information in one secure location
  • Operationalize & Understand how your business flows
  • Transform data for use as NFT’s & Blockchain

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