First Responders

Incident pre-planning just became smarter with Maptelligent.


Know what you are walking into

Imagine it is 1:42AM, you are in your bunk when the unmistakable sound of the emergency tones ring out and the 9-1-1 dispatcher broadcasts over the radio. Do you have all the information you need to deal with the situation?  Is it in a three-ring binder in the apparatus or police cruiser? Is it shareable with other units?

Do you have what you need to make rapid decisions which can ultimately determine the safety and welfare entrusted to your care?


Indoor Mapping Capabilities Designed for First Responders

Make sure you have pre-plans you need to respond rapidly to any situation.

  • plan


    Maptelligent provides a geospatial mobile app that allows first responders to walk around any building to collect the location of alarm panels, shutoff valves, FD connections, emergency exits for tactical response to emergency situations.

  • visualize


    Maptelligent provides the ability to view your pre-plans on your mobile data terminal locally or over the wireless connection to the internet.

  • share


    When a large scale incident occurs and more aide is needed.  Share your pre-plans with surrounding communities that you have mutual-aid agreements with.



Creating intelligent pre-plans for your community

  • Easy to use mobile app to collect the location of critical assets
  • Visualize your response before arriving
  • Share information with other agencies
  • Affordable on any budget
  • Provide an enhanced service to your community

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