Smart Building Management

Keeping your working environment maintained, safe and operational.

Facility Managers

Prepare your facility operations

Smart building management starts with understanding the location of assets. Indoor mapping provides the ability for facility managers to visualize information streaming from sensors, alarms, cameras to make smarter decisions.


Mapping Capabilities designed for Smart Facility Management

Create intelligent facility maps to oversee a safe and efficient physical environment.

  • plan


    Begin your smart building journey by providing floorplans of your facility.

  • visualize


    Maptelligent provides an app to pin point the location of critical assets and building features, making them viewable on a map.

  • build_design


    Build your capabilities with Maptelligent to create a smart building integrating alarms, sensors, and cameras to optimize efficiencies intelligently.


Why Maptelligent?

Improving your Workflow

  • Easy and secure submission of facility floorplans
  • Mobile app to collect the location of critical assets
  • Visualize your entire facility and the location of critical assets
  • Provide access to first responders to enhance security
  • Create a safer physical environment for staff and visitors

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