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Have one common operating picture for your entire municipality. 

CityMapt can serve as the common situational awareness tool for all community services, including fire, police, public works, local utility companies, community planners, and tax assessors. Control and share your critical information securely—widely or narrowly. 

CityMapt is a graphical situational awareness interface for viewing critical assets and infrastructure. Through the use of a variety of GIS layers, first responders can now have addresses, structures, water supplies, utilities, and special populations mapped with all data available for quick and easy reference. 

Replace your paper copies, three ring binders, and hand-drawn maps with an unparalleled dynamic, interactive situational awareness tool. 

Whether a user is focused on a specific building and the critical assets therein or looking broadly at a whole region of mutual response locations, the backbone of each aspect of operations is the GIS and the data displayed within. 

The CityMapt Difference

Flexible solutions

CityMapt gives your local first responders enhanced situational awareness.


Access to important mutual aid information. Incident commanders can make shareable notes or drawings right on the map.

High reliability

CityMapt’s core functions keeps working, even when internet connectivity is lost.

Intuitive interface

Point, click, drag, swipe. Easy, familiar controls and a short learning curve make CityMapt accessible to all.

How CityMapt Works

Designed for desktop and mobile use, CityMapt is a multi-community solution for information sharing among emergency responders. It is a comprehensive package that allows first responders immediate access to addresses, structural information, water supplies, utilities, and special populations (or other specific data that addresses a local community’s emergency response needs). This information is displayed spatially on map layers by means of GIS technology. 

Maptelligent personnel first assess your needs and workflow, then provide whatever is necessary to digitize, create, locally maintain, view, and share your situational awareness data. This includes training, the CityMapt application, hardware, pre-planning expertise, and data accuracy checks. After installation, Maptelligent becomes your single point of contact for support.