The Complete Guide to Lidar Indoor Mapping

The Complete Guide To LIDAR Indoor Mapping

By Rich Ziccardi | May 15, 2023

Mapping technology has evolved over the years from approximate measures of distance and location to highly accurate and versatile representations of spaces. Mapping technology also now boasts the ability to generate highly detailed indoor maps that can be extremely useful to businesses and residences alike. This post will explore LiDAR mapping and its uses in…

Spatial Analysis in GIS _ Gain Valuable Insights With Geospatial Data

Spatial Analysis in GIS | Gain Valuable Insights With Geospatial Data

By Rich Ziccardi | March 31, 2023

Information about location plays a crucial role in our lives. Our position in the landscape directly impacts what we have access to and how we experience the world. Whether we live in an urban or rural area or a town prone to earthquakes or wildfires, and public transportation impact our daily lives. All these factors…

GIS in Agriculture: How Mapping Technology Can Transform Your Farm

By Rich Ziccardi | February 27, 2023

Since its inception, GIS has been a valuable tool for industry and government. In recent years, it has become available to individuals and small businesses. The technology has come a long way since the first commercial GIS software was released in the early 1980s, with organizations today using it for everything from analyzing retail data…

5 Advantages of Using GIS to Plan Your Next Surveying Project

5 Advantages of Using GIS to Plan Your Next Surveying Project

By Rich Ziccardi | February 24, 2023

Land surveying and GIS technology complement each other beautifully to allow us to create highly precise measurements of an area. This post highlights some of the many ways that GIS can be used in conjunction with surveying to yield highly precise and detailed results. Whether you are performing a commercial survey for a complex commercial…

A Manufacturer’s Guide To Successful Prescriptive Maintenance

By Rich Ziccardi | December 28, 2022

Gone are the days when plants were forced to shut down in response to surprise equipment failures and emergencies. Thoughtful companies can now use technology and data to predict, prevent or plan for potential failures in their systems. What are the positive outcomes of this? Companies can increase sales, decrease risk, and expand their market…

Why every venue needs an interactive GIS event map Infographic

Why Every Venue Needs an Interactive GIS Event Map

By Rich Ziccardi | December 6, 2022

Advancements in technology have changed both how events are planned and how guests experience them in real-time. For example, attendees can often check the kind of view they will get from a seat before booking it. Additionally, technology has helped expedite planning through 3D venue modeling. Interactive GIS event mapping is one such technology transforming…

digital twins in construction the power of real time data

Digital Twins In Construction: the Power of Real-Time Data

By Rich Ziccardi | October 25, 2022

Nowadays, many industries utilize digital twins to monitor and manage their spaces and assets. Construction is an industry with tremendous use for digital twins. It helps view the construction phases in a dynamic state and offers insights into every developmental stage of the building process. Research from Frontiers states that inaccurate data in the worldwide…

Digital Twins Event Planning With Realtime 3D Venue Models infographic

Digital Twins: Event Planning With Realtime 3D Venue Models

By Rich Ziccardi | September 30, 2022

From decorating the venue and planning for emergencies to ensuring that attendees find a comfortable seat, organizing big events entails lots of moving parts. A successful event needs hours of preparation and brainstorming to get everything right. This is where digital twin technology changes the game. It uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and simulation to…

Different Coordinate Systems In GIS Geographic vs Projected

Different Coordinate Systems In GIS: Geographic vs Projected

By Rich Ziccardi | September 7, 2022

Coordinate systems are a fundamental part of GIS – they represent geographic locations and spatial relationships. But what are these different coordinate systems in GIS? How do they differ, and why would you need them?  Read on for more insight into this topic! The Foundation: Coordinate Systems Let’s start by reviewing the core of geographic…

how thermal modeling is used to design energy efficient buildings

How Thermal Modeling Is Used to Design Energy Efficient Buildings

By Rich Ziccardi | June 20, 2022

The two greatest benefits of increasing energy efficiency in the building sector are reducing building costs and limiting environmental degradation.  Common methods of increasing energy efficiency in buildings include improving building insulation, utilizing energy-efficient lighting solutions such as LEDs, and selecting proper ventilation and heating systems. These methods are overarching but can be further refined…

Utilizing Building Information Modeling to Increase Project ROI

Utilizing Building Information Modeling to Increase Project ROI

By Rich Ziccardi | May 31, 2022

When it comes to increasing the return on investment for a construction project, facility managers and private investors are always looking for ways to cut costs and speed up the process. One way to achieve this is through the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM is defined as the process of using a digital…

Everything you need to know about mapping indoor spaces

Everything You Need to Know About Mapping Indoor Spaces

By Rich Ziccardi | April 18, 2022

Are you looking for an intelligent solution to map indoor spaces? All you need is the right indoor mapping tools and you too can have a detailed map of your indoor space to be used in every aspect of your building. Indoor maps are becoming widely used and proving instrumental when first responders need a…

How to create indoor navigation maps

5 Vital Steps on How to Create Indoor Navigation Maps

By Rich Ziccardi | April 18, 2022

Indoor navigation maps aid movement in large buildings like hospitals, malls, airports, and workplaces. These maps are crucial to property owners who plan or monitor their space usage. But how do we create indoor navigation maps?  These maps are created using indoor positioning technology to provide vital map details of the venue. For instance, a…

A Guide for Building Management and Software

A Guide for Building Management Software and Systems

By Rich Ziccardi | April 18, 2022

All property owners face the mundane day-to-day operations of a given building or space. This issue can lead to inefficiency in building management and rising operational costs. This problem is exponentially more complicated for those with several buildings in their portfolio.  Thanks to the rising numbers of IoT companies, these building owners and managers now…

ARCGIS Why and How to Design Digital Twins

ArcGIS: Why and How to Design Digital Twins [Ultimate Guide]

By Rich Ziccardi | April 18, 2022

Digital twins are a virtual representation of an object or system, and they’ve been around for decades. But in recent years, there’s been a surge of interest in real-time mapping technology.  What is it about digital twins that has so many people excited? And why do we need them? We will explore why and how…

what is digital mapping

What is Digital Mapping? (Uses, Tools, and Getting Started)

By Rich Ziccardi | December 20, 2021

Kate Smaje, a senior partner at McKinsey notes that business leaders now take 10 days to accomplish what they would in 10 months. For first responders and business facility managers who spent the last year running successful businesses, it’s evident that today’s operations are increasingly becoming virtual, agile, and digital-centric.  You’ve obviously learned something new…

indoor maps

Indoor Maps: What They Are + How to Use Them

By Rich Ziccardi | November 5, 2021

Not that long ago, the global community became mesmerized by the images provided by mapping solutions like Google Earth and other mapping software entities. From the comfort of your own home, you could now zoom in to ‘street level’ on an address or location on the other side of the planet. As these mapping solutions…