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Actionable Intelligence from Innovative Digital Twins for your Business & Customers. Direct & Business to Business Solutions


Real-time integrated understanding of your environment.

Visibility into information and documents that your teams are managing, so that they can measure progress, understand risks and costs, and communicate seamlessly with stakeholders.

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    Innovative indoor maps provide the ability to visualize and access data about your facility and the surrounding area so that you have all the data you need to make life-saving decisions quickly and efficiently.

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    A digital twin is the virtual replica of real-world objects, including physical objects, processes, relationships, and behaviors. The easiest way to capture the real world, for use in the metaverse,  is through blueprints, photographs & laser scanning, using humans, robots & drones.

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    We offer comprehensive digital twin capability designed for everyday use, scaling seamlessly to support multiple operations and capabilities. Combined analytics using building information models, cameras, sensors and the Internet of Things to collect data on things like carbon emission, costing , asset management, resource consumption, to name a few.

A Focused and Innovative geo-enabled solution using the latest from ESRI, the leader in location intelligence.

Combining data and integrating multiple levels of information
to create a complete solution that handles all your needs.

Business to Business

Enhance your offering, gain greater returns

Using Maptelligent Explorer, businesses can enhance their offering by adding 3d digital twins. As a tool to preplan a  project & understand cost, explain complex plans to clients. In addition, we can provide capability to innovate & gain returns with new innovative offerings. You can offer your clients configurable web and mobile applications that uncover operational efficiencies & increase revenue.  

Remote Scanning

Professional scanning services for any budget

Maptelligent has a team of experienced remote capture specialists that can provide multiple levels of fidelity. From photogrammetry, multiple types of LIDAR based laser scanning capability with humans, drones & robots. We can support any scanning needs to get the proper fidelity for geo-enabled digital twins. 

A Smart Indoor Mapping Approach

Creating a fully customizable solution in collaboration with your team.

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    Identify your area of interest. It can be a single building, multiple buildings, multiple properties and/or industrial control systems to capture, model & integrate. Then add advanced technology like building information models, cameras, sensors and the Internet of Things to collect data on things like water usage, volume of traffic, electricity consumption, parking availability, waste management, the presence of pedestrians and bicyclists, and interactions between citizens and their city government.

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    Analytics help to process and transform this data into actionable information. We know our approach will provide critical information to our customers providing return on investment. This set of comprehensive digital twin capability is designed for everyday use, scaling seamlessly to support multiple operations and capabilities.

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    Share to all the need to know

    Provide secure customized web applications, mobile applications and dashboards to any and all stakeholders that have a need to know. All products are scalable by design and encourage data sharing across client stakeholders. The  solution delivers an innovative, easy-to-use web-based experience by integrating multiple operations, including asset management, building automation and control, interdisciplinary coordination, scheduling, cost estimating, and integrated construction specifications.  

Investing in Partnerships

Delivering success through valuable connections and networks.